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Shanghai Nineyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Sealy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have teamed up to debut an excellent racing products—"Crazy Motor".
Shooting has always been one of the favorite entertainment activities but bullet automatic loading and recovering shooting machines are almost unavailable.
Temple Run is an “endless running”video game developed by Imangi Studio. With its classic animation pictures and interest of endless running, once released, its record of over 100 million downloads wa
Guangzhou Guwei Animation Technology Co,. Ltd. always bears “Honesty is the principle; Staff is the foundation; Innovation is the resource; Quality is the life.” in mind.
Bliss Worm, developed by JoyChina based on a multi-platform 3D engine, is a skill-type amusement machine designed for lovers and families.
Hero of Roberts Version 3----Black Dragon Attack! was officially put into the market on November 14.
Speed Driver 4, launched in 2012, inherit the advantages of Speed Driver 3 and improved a lot in frames, operation and gameplay.
Big Buck World, star product of Guangzhou Macrown Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as Macrown), is the only professional shooting game that provides competition.
Dream Balls, a joint effort of Guangzhou TongLi Animation Technology Co., Ltd and Guangzhou Belrare Animation Technology Co., Ltd, will completely change your impression on ticket redemption machines.
"Since the launch of Let’s Fight, shooting machine is no longer just a decoration," said Mr Lin, the technology director of HST, entertainment Co., Ltd.
Would you like the feeling of galloping? If you like, Super Speed can satisfy you.
Latest product Touch Joy, with 36 different games, adds great fun to players in this summer. Games of Touch Joy are of leisure games and lottery games.
Top Star, independently researched and developed and solely sold by Guangzhou Wahlap Technology Co., Ltd, was one of the newest masterpiece of 2012 music machine.
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